CVUHSD: Leaders in CTE and Linked Learning

CVUHSD teachers and staff are dedicated to excellence in both Career Technical Education and Linked Learning.  As we continue to refine our programs, we enjoy sharing our progress and models of practice at state-wide conferences:

Conference Title: Educating for Careers

Dates: February 27-29, 2020

Presentation Title: "Graduate Profiles: Bringing CTE Standards to All Students"


Dr. Elizabeth McKinstry, Director of Career and Technical Education, College and Career (Antelope Valley Union High School District)

Julianne Reynoso, Assistant Superintendent, Instructional Services (Pasadena Unified School District)

Hatha I. Parrish, Director of Federal and State Programs (Centinela Valley Union High School District)

Roman Stearns, Executive Director (Scaling Student Success)



A growing number of school districts are convening community stakeholders to create a Graduate Profile to define the competencies and mindsets our students need for future success. Come learn how these Graduate Profiles can routinize the outcomes regularly embraced by career pathways and serve as a driver for transformational change.


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Conference Title: Career Technical Education Conference, Hosted by CALCP and CAROCP

Dates: November 15-17, 2017

Presentation Title: "Developing Work Based Learning Opportunities Through School-Based Apprenticeship Programs"


Traditionally, CTE programs encourage students into taking advantage of off-site internship opportunities. Find out how Centinela Valley Union High School District re-imagined the path to employment!


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Presentation Title: "From the Classroom to the Runway"


Ding-Ay Tadena, Geometry Teacher and Founder of Hawthorne High School's "Geometry Meets Fashion" Innovation


An approach to teaching mathematics that incorporates arts, fashion, and design. Students create projects made of recycled materials and transform them into wearable accessories, bags, and garments. Participants will see some great pieces themselves and listen to student designers that did the project from the classroom to the runway.


Conference Title: Linked Learning Convention 2018

Dates: February 12-14, 2018

Presentation Title: "Create Your Own Integrated Unit"


Matthew Seanez, Leuzinger High School Culinary Careers Coordinator

Valerie Meyer, Culinary Instructor, Leuzinger High School, and School Based Internship Supervisor

Rosa Chhoun, Culinary Instructor, Leuzinger High School, and School Based Internship Supervisor

Megan Nelson, Biology Teacher, Leuzinger High School


The topic of the sessions will be to create an integrated unit for a grade level cohort. Educators who participate in the workshop will leave with a 4-5 week integrated unit that can be used to link curricular between 2 or more classes. Educators will also leave with the ability to facilitate the creation of an integrated unit in their own collaborations. This model can be used for career and technical pathways or other cohorts with a theme as well.

Presentation Title: "A Collaborative Process for Measuring and Monitoring Pathway Growth, Effectiveness, and Success"


Kim Irons, Linked Learning Specialist, Centinela Valley Union High School District

Hatha I. Parrish, Director of Federal and State Programs, Centinela Valley Union High School District


As pathways grow and develop, how do we create systems that measure and celebrate success without punishing set-backs and challenges? The Centinela Valley Union High School District has developed an approach to pathway progress monitoring that encourages collaboration, distributed leadership and support, and a growth mindset. Participants will be engaged in the CVUHSD process through a hands-on workshop that will demonstrate how working collaboratively to set, implement, and monitor action plans, we can accomplish more of our goals. By the end of the workshop, participants will not only understand the CVUHSD Progress Monitoring Process, but also have their own actionable goals and plans to implement.