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District Equity Opportunities & Events


-AAPAC Meeting

-Black History Month Kickoffs & Celebrations on All Sites

-Equity Workshops

                    Feb 8: Black History Month Celebration and Teacher Prep Session

                    Feb 10: LGBTQIA+ Students of Color & Intersectionality in the Classroom

Feb 17: Centering AAVE: Black English, Not Broken English

                    Feb 24: Tracing the African American Influence on US Style, Culture, and Cool







The 2nd Annual Equity Symposium Keynote Speakers

CVUHSD's own Dr. Stephen Nellman, Dr. Kelly Santos, and Dr. Pamela Brown will present an illuminating look back at decisive moments in the history and development of CVUHSD. If you weren't there, you'll get to learn about the journey that has led to our current reality. If you were there, you'll get to see your experiences through different lenses. Either way, you don't want to miss it! RSVP for the Symposium today!