Counseling/Mental Health

CVUHSD offers comprehensive counseling for all students which includes counseling for academics, college and career, crisis intervention, special education, substance abuse and mental health. These services are provided by CVUHSD School Counselors, School Psychologists, School Social Workers and Social Work Student Interns. Listening to the community's voice, CVUHSD is making concerted efforts to address the social-emotional needs of students. Changes in LCAP funding have allowed for new on-site services and programs. Each school site now has a dedicated School Social Worker and Social Work Student Interns to provide counseling, case management and crisis intervention. 
CVUHSD also has partnerships with outside organizations that offer counseling for victim-offender mediation, family therapy, grief and loss issues, and many other specialized services. Community-based organizations are regularly utilized when the level of need falls outside of the scope of practice that school staff can provide. The goal is for every student to receive the support and care they need to prepare for and excel in college, their career and in their personal lives. 
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Code C Resources
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