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CVUHSD offers comprehensive counseling for all students which includes counseling for academics, college and career, crisis intervention, special education, substance abuse and mental health.  Many of these services are provided by CVUHSD School Social Workers and Social Work Student Interns (as outlined further below).  These new support services are the result of recent changes for the 2017-18 school year in which the district is making concerted efforts to address the social-emotional needs of students.  Each school site has a dedicated School Social Worker to provide such services and coordinate referrals in cases of higher levels of care. 
CVUHSD also has partnerships with outside organizations that offer counseling for victim-offender mediation, family therapy, grief and loss issues, and many other specialized services. Community-based organizations are regularly utilized when the level of need falls outside of the scope of practice that school staff can provide.  The goal is for every student to receive the support and care they need to prepare for and excel in college, their career and in their personal lives.  Please contact your student's academic counselor for more information about how to get your student the support they need to thrive interpersonally and academically. A copy of the Counseling Referral Form is provided below for reference.


Social Work Student Intern Program

A new service and support for the students of CVUHSD this year is the Social Work Student Intern Program. Partnering with local universities and our feeder school districts, CVUHSD will serve as a field education site, providing learning opportunities for both Bachelor and Master's level Social Work students.  Students from the University of Southern California, California State University Long Beach and California State University Northridge will complete their internship hours within CVUHSD school sites. They will be supervised by both the District Social Worker and CVUHSD School Social Workers.  As a collaborative partner, Hawthorne School District (HSD) will provide and allow for Student Interns to be placed in a secondary grade range setting (K-8). This is necessary for Student Interns pursuing their Pupil Personnel Services Credential (PPSC). Student Interns will learn the core responsibilities and duties of a School Social Worker while providing much needed support and services to CVUHSD and HSD students.  This partnership came about as the result of the increased need to provide students with social-emotional supports and resources in the school setting.
With the influences of economic disadvantages, exposure to traumatic events, interpersonal conflict and other familial hardships, our students and our communities can greatly benefit from additional resources and supportive services. It is the focus and purpose of the Social Work Student Intern Program to address the many issues that students face and to help empower them to overcome such obstacles to lead productive and meaningful lives. For more information please contact Kevin Brown, the District Social Worker. (See below for contact information)



Drug Education Program
Recognizing trends and challenges within our school environment, CVUHSD now offers on-site support to students with alcohol or drug-related problems. Individual counseling, group services and consultation are available at each school site within the district. One of the main components of our substance abuse-related services is the Drug Education Program. The program consists of an 8-week curriculum centered around evidence-based practices and related interventions to help students with alcohol or drug problems. Most students are required to attend the program in lieu of suspension, for behavior related to drug and alcohol offenses while on school grounds.
Students may also be referred to the program by a parent, a  peer, or by themselves if looking for support with stopping or decreasing the use of alcohol or drugs. For students in need of a higher level of care or intervention, referral and linkage to community-based programs will be made. For more information or to set up an appointment to discuss how such services could benefit a student, please contact Kevin Brown, the District Social Worker. Note, the program flyer and consent form are provided at the bottom of this page for reference.
Code C Resources
Understanding the issues concerning suicide and mental health is an important way to take part in suicide prevention, help others in crisis, and change the conversation around suicide. Click HERE to access CODE C resources. 
Kevin C. Brown, LCSW, PPSC
District Social Worker
Drug Education Program Facilitator
Social Work Student Intern Program Field Coordinator
Calculating Partial Credits for Foster and Homeless Youth
In September 2013, the Child Welfare Council adopted a statewide Partial Credit Model Policy to provide guidance to school districts, county offices of education, and child welfare agencies on how to issue and accept partial credits. The Model Policy was created and endorsed by the California Department of Education, California Department of Social Services, California School Boards Association, the County Welfare Directors Association, several school districts, child welfare agencies and foster youth advocates.