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Sprint 1Million Project

Centinela Valley Union High School District

Sprint 1Million Project Information

CVUHSD has partnered with the Sprint 1Million Project to provide students in need with free, high-speed internet access at home via a hotspot and mobile data access. This Internet access is intended for the student to use for academic purposes. If used irresponsibly, the student could run out of high-speed data before the month ends and be forced to use slower internet speeds for the rest of the month. Students will have the option of purchasing additional high-speed data for their device if they run out.

Students who participate in the Sprint 1Million Project will receive FREE of charge:

  • 1 WiFi Hotspot
  • 3GB per month of free high-speed LTE data. Unlimited data at 2G speeds if user exceeds the 3GB limit in one month
  • Free Sprint Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) compliant content filter with every device

Examples of what you can do with 3GB of high-speed LTE data include:

  • Sending 300 emails per month
  • Visiting 240 web pages per month
  • Making 60 social media posts
  • Watching 480 minutes (or 8 hours) of video per month

Visit the Sprint Wireless Data Calculator webpage to see what you can do with 3GB of data:

*Students must qualify to participate in this program by meeting Sprint's 1Million Program requirements. Sprint provides CVUHSD with a limited number of hotspots each year and these are assigned to students based upon need and application date.

The following resources are for students who are participating in the Sprint 1Million Project.
The following resources are for staff administering the Sprint 1Million Project.