CV Equity Team » CV Equity Symposium 2022: Welcoming the Waves of Change

CV Equity Symposium 2022: Welcoming the Waves of Change

CV Family, please make plans to join us at the 2nd Annual Equity Symposium: Welcoming the Waves of Change. 

The Symposium will take place on March 16, 2022, 4:00-7:15 pm, on the campus of Leuzinger High School.

This event is open to Certificated and Classified employees. We are happy to announce that the attendance stipend for all staff has increased from $100 to $120!

The Symposium will set course for the powerful ideas that are pushing modern education towards justice for students, staff, and families.  

Student performances and dinner will only further enhance what is sure to be a welcoming, inspiring event for all. 

RSVP today!  

P.S.: Be on the lookout for the Call for Facilitators headed your way!
Your Equity Team,
Dr. Pamela Brown
Dr. Shakira Holt
Ms. Tamika Dyson
Ms. Linda Lai
Ms. Jaime Rapp
Mr. Manuel Sandoval

The 2nd Annual Equity Symposium

Welcoming the Waves of Change

March 16, 2022|4PM-7:15 PM

Call for Facilitators


Imagine The 2nd Annual Symposium as a vessel on the open seas of some of the most fascinating and powerful ideas in culture, community, and civic life that are shifting the modern schoolscape away from toxicity and oppression of all kinds. 


We are setting course for the intersections between education and the arts, technology, audiovisual and other forms of creative consumption, neighborhood, communities within communities, the environment, health, politics, social justice, and advocacy, just to name a few areas of potential inquiry. We are especially interested in their proven, or potential, liberationist effects on diverse learners, families, and district staff.


Facilitators need not have all the answers but rather should approach sessions as intellectual voyages navigating the modern tides of justice in education. Each session should be less of a presentation and more of an exploration of a compelling idea, system, or structure. The goal is an interactive, revitalizing experience of discussion and discovery for all participants.

Just to offer a sense of where we are headed, we have included some example topics/titles below. Keep in mind that they are only suggestions. Facilitators should, therefore, feel free to take them as is, to modify them (a little or a lot), or to leave them altogether in favor of their very own topics/titles. 

We encourage solo facilitators, as well as pairs and small groups of co-facilitators. Classified Colleagues are absolutely welcome to facilitate sessions. We also fully embrace the idea of collaborative efforts between Classified and Certificated facilitators.  

After perusing the suggestions below and making some preliminary decisions about the direction of your session idea, please complete the Equity Symposium 2022 Session Proposals form by or before December 8, 2021.

The CVUHSD Equity Team is excited to read your proposal!


Example Sessions

Waves of Change I

 Building Equitable Cultures & Communities in the Classroom and on the Campus

  • No One a Stranger: Building Expansive Ethnic Studies Experiences for Students
  • Seeing & Supporting ELs & LTELs with Disabilities
  • Repairing & Renewing: The Heart of Restorative Practices 
  • Exploring the Potential of Executive Order 4981 to Deliver Educational Justice for African American Students, Pre-K Through College
  • Welcoming and Championing Primary Speakers of AAVE & Other Othered Languages
  • Hyper-Local Instruction: Next-Level CRT with Students' Neighborhoods in Mind
  • How Culinary Arts Can Instill Cultural Pride and Cross-Cultural Appreciation Beyond Food
  • Music Studies as a Vehicle of Socio-Emotional Awareness & Regulation

Waves of Change II

Building Equitable Cultures & Communities in the Workplace

  • Organizing Schools to Aid in the Recovery and Sustenance of Staff Mental Health 
  • Healing Compassion Fatigue by Prioritizing Professional and Personal Joy
  • The Critical Importance of Caring Teacher Tribes 
  • On the Same Team: The Equitable Work Practices That Make Way for Administrators, Non-Admin Educators, and Classified Staff to Build Trust and Win Together 
  • Honoring the Other Half: Elevating the Contributions of Classified Employees

Waves of Change III

Including Families in Our Equitable Cultures & Communities

  • A Sacred Trust: Our Duty of Care Towards Parents of Students with Disabilities
  • Getting Serious About Meaningful Outreach to Doubly-Minoritized Families 
  • The Missing Pieces: What Educators Need to Know About Low Parent Engagement
  • Developing Positive Parent Partnerships to Foster Student Success
  • The Parent Walkthrough: Demystifying CV Schools for Parents

Waves of Change IV

Re-Thinking Systems for Equitable Cultures & Communities

  • Targeted Universalism: Getting the Most Out of Equity
  • How Equity-Minded Counselors Can Disrupt Educational Injustice
  • Expanding Dual Enrollment as a Form of Educational Justice
  • Re-centering the Center: Systems That Truly Support the Students in the Middle
  • Making Room for the Developing Adolescent Self: Revitalizing the Mandatory Advisory Period
  • Bold Approaches: School Schedules That Engage Learners, Energize Educators, and Empower the Campus-at-Large

Waves of Change V

Activating Civic Life for Enduring Equitable Cultures & Communities

  • Social Justice Issues as a Foundation for Powerful Project-Based Learning
  • Galvanizing Students’ Lifelong Civic Engagement: Democratic Practices in ASB, Campus Clubs, and Voter Registration Drives
  • STEM/Social Studies/Reading/Writing, etc. Success as Fuel for Critical Thinking and Student Agency 
  • How the Adoption of an Ethics Curriculum Could Get Us Closer to Realizing the CV Graduate Profile   
  • Answering the Call of Community: Igniting Student Volunteerism & Original Service Efforts