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LZ Equity Gazette - October 2021 by Jaime Rapp




Equity Calendar of Events


October 2021: Certificated Staff Focus Groups

The Equity Team will be conducting certificated focus groups over the next several weeks. These discussions will focus on equity in the experience of staff members at Leuzinger and Centinela Valley. Sign up here!


Tuesday, Oct. 12 Lunch PLO (11:20 - 11:50): Positionality Community Circle

Participants will gain an in-depth understanding of their own identity,

particularly in relationship to their communities and communities that are not their own. Sign up here!

Tuesday, Oct. 26 Lunch PLO (11:20 - 11:50): Positionality & Teaching Across Difference

Participants will explore how to connect with students despite differences in identity and experience in order to create positive relationships and meaningful learning opportunities. Sign up here!