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Training Resources

Accounting & Business
This site contains links to practice business and finance quizzes.

Accounting Quizzes

This site contains lessons and worksheets to assist students in learning or re-learning algebra. More links listed under Math

Custodial and Maintenance
Not from California. Products used might not meet California regulations

Electrical Safety
This site has safety tips for most occupations/trades especially electrical.

English as a Second Language
Free site to learn English online.

English California High School Exit Exam
CAHSEE practice test in English

English Grammar
This site contains many spelling, language and grammar quizzes.

English Grammar, Writing
Grammar, writing, etc., tests.

English Vocabulary
Some free tests are available on this site.

English Vocabulary Quizzes

First Aid
Red Cross Training & Certification

Food Service -
California Department of Education National School Lunch Program Guidelines

Food Service - California Department of Education Safety Guide
Food Safety regulations from the California Department of Education

General Public Agency Test Preparation Practice Tests
This is LA County's Test Preparation site. Online practice tests and tips are located on this site.

Master Gardener practice test

Instructional Aide - Questions are good practice for NCLB tests
CAHSEE practice questions, tests and video instruction in Math and Language Arts

Interview Questions
Questions and tips on answering situational questions.

Interview Questions
This site has 109 sample interview questions to use as practice.

Examples of questions and how to answer them.

Keyboarding Practice Tests

Math Worksheets
Worksheets for various levels of math.

Math Worksheets
Practice worksheets for basic math, alegebra, measurement and geometry.

Software - Microsoft Office Software Tutorials
Outlook, Excel, Word

Practice with a timed typing test

Practice and test your speed at typing at this free site.

Typing Test
This site with a timed test is hidden from public view. Only for HR staff members

Typing Test
Words per minute test for HR eyes only.

Typing Test
Test your typing speed