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Drug Education Program

Recognizing trends and challenges within our school environment, CVUHSD now offers on-site support to students with alcohol or drug-related problems. Individual counseling, group services and consultation are available at each school site within the district. One of the main components of the substance abuse-related services is the Drug Education Program, also known as The Helping Crew. The program consists of an 8-week curriculum which uses evidence-based practices and related interventions to help students with alcohol or drug problems. Most students are required to attend the program in lieu of suspension for behavior related to drug and alcohol offenses while on school grounds. Students may also be referred to the program by a parent, a  peer, or by themselves if looking for support with stopping or decreasing the use of alcohol or drugs. See below for additional information regarding substance abuse problems including meeting directories and community resources.
For students in need of a higher level of care or intervention, referral and linkage to community-based programs will be made. For more information or to set up an appointment to discuss how such services could benefit a student, please contact Kevin Brown, the District Social Worker at 310-263-3179 or via email at
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