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What is School Social Work?

What is School Social Work?

School Social Work is a specialized practice within the overarching discipline of Social Work. The clinical knowledge, organizational skills and adaptable qualities of those in the Social Work profession, quickly and accurately help match services and supports with those in need.  Social Workers in the school setting however, serve as vital assets in providing supports that address student’s mental health, behavioral and academic concerns.  Often, School Social Workers are the first to identify a student who may benefit from extra services. School Social Workers intervene and support students with a variety of services from individual and group counseling to connecting students and their families to community resources. Collaboration with teachers, counselors and other school staff is another core component to the daily functions of a School Social Worker.


Why do we need School Social Workers?

Children are increasingly subjected to negative forces that can affect their academic success, mental health and overall well-being.  School Social Workers can identify where the unmet needs are in a student’s life and help them begin a process of change or adjustment to meet those needs.  School Social Workers can provide a space and a supportive outlet that can allow a student to vent and sort out their feelings in the often stressful school setting.


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