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Here's to another great year with CVUHSD!
Returning for my second year as the District Social Worker, I am thrilled and excited to kick off the 2017-18 school year. Last year was amazing and as a district, we covered a lot of ground as far as setting up supportive programs and services for our students. This year, we will continue to expand on our effectiveness and efficiency in supporting students academically, occupationally and interpersonally. Having a professional background in mental health, substance abuse, behavioral intervention and crisis intervention, I understand how important it is for students to have solutions to the many problems which they face on a day to day basis. It is my goal for this year, to continue to provide students with the facts, supports and resources they need to accomplish their own life goals.
For 2017-18, we will be growing our team and the resources available to students on-site and within the community. To start, the district hired three new School Social Workers, one for each comprehensive school site. I will remain as the District Social Worker while also overseeing Lloyde/CVISS. Listening to our community and with the help of the LCAP, the district recognized the impact that school-based socio-emotional supports and mental health services can have on student well-being. Working collaboratively with other school staff, our School Social Workers will become an integral part of our multi-tiered systems of support. CVUHSD is taking action and doing everything they can to prepare students for college, career and life.
For me personally, this year brings about another opportunity to give back to my community. I couldn't be happier than here with Centinela Valley, as the District Social Worker. I take responsibility for mentoring our youth and I encourage others to do what they can to help the future leaders among us. I believe that if only one student's life was impacted positively by our services, then our efforts will have been purposeful. However, I know that we can do more and influence more than just one student; we can impact thousands. We are helping students recreate themselves and build a solid foundation on which to stand tall. I am proud to again be a part of that endeavor and I thank you for this opportunity.
Go CV! 
Mr. Brown